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Of course, a white marriage in Germany is intended as a financial goal, and the one who benefits financially here is the German partner.


After marriage, procedures for reunification are carried out for the husband or wife, and after completing the procedures, the partner emigrates to Germany.


And after the partner settles in Germany, the party to the marriage separates and each person continues his life after as he wants.


Consequences of marrying a German woman for the purpose of immigration to Germany only

The consequences that may take place from the German partner


The German partner is basically a person looking for money and only cares about money, so the person will be subject to blackmail.


Extortion through sham marriage does not take place in Germany only, but in all countries of the world, as long as the principle exists, blackmail exists.


The methods of extortion are many, but the most famous of financial extortion, and after arriving in Germany, the partner may ask for an amount greater than what was agreed upon.


You may not be able to obtain German citizenship


Marriage law in Germany requires that the two spouses remain bound without separation for two years before the non-German partner can apply for a German passport.


On the other hand, it is not possible to obtain German citizenship through immigration to Germany through formal marriage.


But the spouses must live with each other for at least two years before separation, and then the partner will stay for an additional year in Germany.


The total period is 3 years, two years of continuous marriage, and one year after separation, then the non-German partner can apply for German citizenship.


Marrying a German woman for the purpose of immigration to Germany only is not a good thing, but in all cases as long as the marriage papers are in order, there is no harm in the matter.


But the link to obtaining German citizenship after two years of permanent marriage may make things difficult, and pave the way for the blackmail step that we talked about in the previous lines.


Extortion is due to the length of time before separation, during which the foreign partner is blackmailed. The other partner versus separation.


Extortion here is either to refuse to separate, or to threaten separation before the legal period to obtain German citizenship through marriage.