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Learn about the conditions for marriage from an American woman and the procedures for getting married in America with a tourist visa


Learn about the conditions for marriage from an American woman and the procedures for getting married in America with a tourist visa



It is permissible to marry in America through any type of visa, and it is permitted by the American authorities and the law, but marriage in America must be a tourist visa for the sake of stability and residence in the United States of America and not in the sense of immigration to America, because in our current time marriage in America is the way to immigrate to America.

How to get married in America with a tourist visa

When applying to the American embassy to obtain an American visa, you do not need to inform them that the desire to obtain an American visa is marriage, because if this purpose is mentioned in obtaining a tourist visa in America, i.e. the intention to marry, then seeking to stay in America, then The visa is refused upon knowledge of this.


§  The marriage in America must be done with a tourist visa after arriving in America, then returning to your country, and then you will get a visa through the American family reunification program in the United States (visa / family visa).

§  The traveler who holds a tourist visa must prove that the purpose of the marriage is for marriage only and not in order to reside in America for work.

§  The desire to remain in the United States after marriage was not guaranteed, but things could go against this



Marriage interview inside the embassy


It revolves around the marriage interview at the American embassy and a lot of questions related to the housing details in terms of the number of floors, the number of rooms, rent or ownership, and what is inside the residence in terms of equipment, then questions about the husband’s salary and the wife’s salary, the bank account for both of them, and the tax declaration for each of them. .


Spouses can also attend together upon completion of the interview at the US Embassy, ​​as the presence of the American partner at the time of the embassy meeting is considered the best support for the non-American partner who is still in his home country.


Mostly, the interview takes place in order to marry in America, either within America or at the United States embassy in your country or in your place of residence, just as the location of the interview differs according to the place of residence of the spouses, as the procedures for marrying residents outside America are done at the American embassy.


Types of marriage visa in America


There are two types of marriage visas in America that spouses can take upon marriage in America with a tourist visa, and they are as follows:

An internal marriage visa


It is the visa that is concluded within America after being brought to the foreign partner.

The marriage contract is concluded within 3 months, and if it does not take place during this period, the second party is returned to his country of origin.


A foreign marriage visa


It is the visa that is concluded outside America and is returned to America to complete the marriage procedures.

It allows a person to obtain a visa to travel to America.

After determining the types of marriage visas in America, we must know the conditions of each visa


Procedures for obtaining a marriage visa from within America


In order for a person to implement the procedures for marriage and to process it in America, he must fulfill the following conditions:


The person must be 18 years old; The applicant must be a US citizen or a green card (credit card).

It must have been one to two years since his last marriage in the case of his previous marriage.

Must have an annual income of at least 20,000 USD per year.

To indicate that the period for studying the file ranges between a minimum of 9 months and a maximum of 12 months