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The easiest way to migrate to Australia is through marriage


The easiest way to migrate to Australia is through marriage



The best and shortest method of naturalization in Italy is through marriage and obtaining Italian citizenship

Italian nationality is considered one of the strongest and best nationalities in the world because the Italian passport allows its holder to enter a large number of countries without a visa

Looking at the conditions available to obtain Italian citizenship through marriage, the naturalization law in Italy is considered one of the best in Europe


First, the conditions to be observed for marriage in Italy

Before going through the conditions for obtaining Italian citizenship through marriage, we must stop here with the conditions of marriage

Among the conditions of marriage is the gate of passage towards the gate of Italian citizenship, and knowing the first gate of citizenship is an obvious matter.


Terms of marriage


_1The age of the spouses at the time of marriage in Italy must be 18 years, but if the age is less then the consent of the guardians or the Italian juvenile court must be obtained


2_ Secondly, marriage without any coercion with the consent of the parties to the marriage to marry without any family or societal pressure


3- None of the parties to the marriage should be related to another partner, and this is during the marriage process


Among the conditions that must be observed to obtain Italian citizenship through marriage


1 _ The marriage period must last until the legal period for applying for Italian citizenship is reached


2 _ The need for the Italian husband to still carry the Italian passport with him and he did not lose it or give it up for any reason


3 _ In the event that the marriage is outside Italy and the spouses continue to live outside Italy, 3 years must pass after the marriage before the citizenship is applied.


The papers required to apply for Italian citizenship


You have to apply for citizenship in Italy and you will have to provide some important documents for that.


1 _ Public testimony from the Rome court, casellario giudiziale roma, first, which must show your criminal record


2 _ Secondly, a certificate explaining your criminal record from your country of origin and a certificate from any country you resided in


3 _ Thirdly, to fill in the application form for naturalization in Italy by marriage


4- Fourth: The availability of birth certificates for children in case there are children


5- Fifth: Proof of adoption documents, as the husbands adopted children in Italy

6 _ The need to bring the residence permit for the non-Italian partner

7 _ The need to bring the identity card of the Italian partner

8- Proof of income for the family during the last years before submitting the application for Italian citizenship


9 _ Bring the marriage contract document in Italy