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Marrying a Norwegian girl with the intention of emigrating to Norway


Marrying a Norwegian girl with the intention of emigrating to Norway


White marriage to a Norwegian woman:


The white marriage or the marriage of interest in Norway is a way to benefit from the residence in Norway, and after taking advantage of the residence, a divorce is concluded, and the agreement is between the parties to the marriage, and a sum of money is paid by the husband to the wife in exchange for marriage.


Often things remain unclear, even if the purpose of marriage is to benefit from residency only, because marriage lasts for a long time, and after marriage in Norway became a craft to earn money, there were many cases of fraud and theft by Norwegian girls, immediately after their occurrence. With a sum of money, the wife requests a divorce, and the husband loses the money he paid, without benefiting from the residency, and more money goes to the wife to obtain other money in case she wants the continuation of the marriage, and help in benefiting from the Norwegian residence.


Conditions approved for marriage in Norway:


One of the most important conditions in marriage in Norway is seriousness of marriage, otherwise marriage will become in Norway a black market for obtaining residency and citizenship, and in most cases in marriage in these cases it remains undisclosed, and covers these cases with the continuity of the marriage.

Searching for a suitable woman for marriage is important in Norway:


Girls in Norway are many who want to get married, so if you are looking for a Norwegian woman for the purpose of establishing a family, then what you have to do is search for the right woman, and that your goal in marriage is not only interest, because marriage in the end will lead to Norwegian residency, and in the end obtaining a nationality Norway, so it is best for those looking for accommodation, should look for a woman with whom to complete his life.

If you owe to Islam and want to marry a girl who owes your same religion, then you can marry a Norwegian Muslim, there are many Muslim women in Norway, and this is better for you than marrying a girl who may find it difficult for you to find a compatibility with her, or to marry her to obtain residence only, there is Many people convince their Norwegian partner to marry through false love to obtain residence, and after obtaining it, this person divorces this girl, and this is not good at all.